Pedagogical Practices

We teach creatively with an open heart and mind so that we can educate the whole child to become an active global citizen. This transpires from modeling, repeatedly exposing the child to new experiences, and having a safe and prepared environment where the child is autonomous, socially responsible and collaborative members of society. We want the children with whom we connect with to be peacemakers, stewards of the earth, and change agents.

A child’s hands are their greatest learning tools. With their hands they can change the world. Children learn how to carefully use their hands to take care of themselves, their friends, and their environment. Through these exercises of care, they learn how to take ownership and accountability of their life. A child’s hands can create, investigate, experiment, and problem-solve any scenario they may encounter.

In order to educate a child to live in peace, to be an active global citizen, to be an autonomous, socially responsible and collaborative change agent -- we too must be breathing, living, and walking these same values. We are to take risks, learn new things, and refine our skillset. As educators, we are lifelong learners.



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Founder, Mom, & Educator

I am a lifelong learner. I have a BA in Classics; a Masters of Education with an emphasis on Montessori education; and a Masters of Art in Teaching in elementary education. I also have a California Multiple Subjects teaching credential, and an American Montessori Society 3-6 early childhood credential.

I am a global educator. I have taught for the past 15 years in the US (CO, NYC, WA, and CA), The Gambia; Beijing, China; and in Ahmedabad, India. I have taught in private schools, international schools, and at a public school. I have held a variety of positions within the education sector: Lead Teacher; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator; Co-Teacher, Assistant Teacher; Teacher Trainer; and Camp Counselor.


Early Childhood Master Teacher

I have over 20 years teaching experience with children ages 3  to 6. I am experienced teaching students from Kindergarten through 4th grade. I am K-8 Washington State Teacher Certified, and Montessori Certified. I enjoy connecting with students (and their families) in a genuine way and exploiting their skills. In turn, they build confidence to accomplish more difficult academic tasks. I enjoy creating curriculums that address student’s needs, while making it relevant and fun. I enjoy art, science, and real life experiences to enrich their learning and comprehension. The student, family, and myself work as a cohesive team to achieve mutually agreed upon goals. Regular communication and candid dialog is essential to our success. As the relationship and our experiences develop, we will look deeply into the core curriculum for each grade level to ensure we are meeting benchmarks as we proceed. Watching a student gain a new skill or master a skill brings me great joy.